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   The tenacious Mercury DeEmcee (Sterling Taub-Smith) was raised quite nomadic. He was born in Great Falls, Montana; moving to San Francisco, California not long after; and eventually found his way to Dallas, Texas-moving to several cities around the metroplex. This type of upbringing attributed to his ability to live harmoniously with his ever-changing and fast paced lifestyle.

His musical inclinations became evident to his mother at age the early age of two, as she witnessed him turning pots and pans into drum sets and humming tunes. As a young innovator-armed with the ability to sing, drum, and play the guitar-he started a band at age nine. This passion for the arts yielded him a scholarship to a Broadway camp, in California, where he we would strengthen his singing, dancing, and acting abilities-deeming him a triple threat with performances in major Broadway plays, such as “Oklahoma” and “Peter Pan.” Inspired by the talent surrounding him, the notion of writing the script to his own life was summoned. Thus, the branding as a solo artist commenced.

At age 10, he began his journey as a hip hop artist. This precocious musical mind, focused solely on music and visual arts, landed him in school talent shows where he became enthralled with the sensation of performing, and the solace it provided him.

He was quick to embrace the poetic side of him in his early teens, sitting in the back of class rapping along to his own lyrics. Mercury recorded his earliest project in eighth grade(a mixtape that was quickly passed around his school). Before his freshman year he taught himself the high school curriculum, well knowing his main focus would be on spreading peace and love through his music to attain success.

When a close friend gifted him his first microphone, Mercury started recording and releasing his music. With his popularity rising in the party scene, he used this as leverage to kickstart, and further improve his rap career.

With straight A’s under his belt, attending 11 schools by age 17, he had entirely disconnected himself from the education system. With a GPA of 3.9, he withdrew from school, left home, and obtained his GED. Taking this time to himself was essential to begin perfecting his craft and understand the significant part music played in his life. This was how Mercury DeEmcee came into self.

With a whole life dedicated to music and over a decade invested into rap, he is now moving swiftly through the hip hop scene. He is working with multi-platinum producers promoting peace, love, respect, and unity.

“Getcha 3’s up” and join Mercury DeEmcee’s journey through this movement!

Written by~Riley Smith

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